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What is Evil Eyes / Buri Nazar?

When the energy of the body comes out of the hands, it is called bioenergy. However, when this energy comes out of the eyes, it is colloquially called "evil eye". When this energy is directed to the eyes instead of the hands, it reaches to an incredible capacity. What is the difference between the hands and the eyes? What makes the energy that comes out of the eyes so deadly?

Anatomical Structure of the eye and the evil eye

There are three exit points to the electromagnetic currents that are produced in our bodies; these comprise the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet and the eyes. The energy that comes out of the hands and the feet consist of currents that are contained. The capacity of the currents is lessened by the tissues in our bodies until they reach the hands and feet. Nonetheless, the currents that come out of the eyes do not encounter such obstacles. Harmful negative energies such as hatred and jealousy, which gather in the brain of an individual, flow out directly through the eyes. Still, this is not what makes the eyes a deadly weapon; instead, what cause the eyes to be different are (1) the optical nerves, (2) the liquid grooves found in our eyes and (3) the lens of our eyes. The optical nerve gathers these harmful currents in a single line. The liquid found in the grooves inside of the eye enhances the capacity of the energy, just like a signal enhancer enhances the capacity of a current in electronic devices. Lastly, the lens focuses these currents on a single point like a laser beam. Note: The more negatively a brain thinks, the more harmful the frequency of the currents becomes.

Physiological Working of the Eye and the Evil Eye

The way that the electromagnetic currents flow out from the eyes, which have been produced in the brain, along with the way that these currents focus on an object, causing the object or a living being to suffer from these harmful currents, is colloquially called “evil eye”. The image provided below demonstrates how a normal eye functions scientifically. If you pay close attention to the lens, you will notice that both sides are bent outwards; this makes it possible for the light to focus on the inside of the eye, as well as on the outside, like it occurs in the evil eye.

How Do These Electromagnetic Currents Harm the Human Body?

You must perceive the human body as a piece of fabric with various layers. When you leave this fabric in a dusty environment, the dust penetrates into the fabric and its subsequent layers. The energy that comes out of the human eye penetrates the layers on the human body, just as this dust would, and these energy currents stain the tissues, just as the dust stains the layers in the fabric. Where they come into contact, these energies lock the cells out from performing their functions accurately. Our bodies possess an electromagnetic shield called an “aura”. Most of the time, this shield has the capacity to protect against such harmful energies; however, when the resistance of the body actually fails, the harmful glances can penetrate our shield and into our bodies. If an energy current originating from the eyes of another human being manages to penetrate our shield, the electromagnetic dust floats into our tissues, as it is seen in the image, and therefore prevents the cells from functioning where they come into contact. Soon after, symptoms of disease will appear in the area where the cells have been blocked.

The Blue Bead Belief

The blue beads are worn for the purpose of drawing attention. This way, the looks coming from other people will not be directed at you but towards the beads instead. The beads themselves do not possess any protective power, that aspect of the beads is a superstition.

Blue Eyes and the Evil Eye

For thousands of years now, people believe that there is a connection between blue eyes and the evil eye. Is there really any relation between these two or is this merely a superstition? After having examined these two in a laboratory by the scientist, they have observed that there is indeed a connection between them. When we place a lens in front of a sun beam, we observe that the lens splits the beam to a specific frequency. When we change the color of the lens, it becomes apparent that the frequency also changes. From among various colors, blue is the one that splits the sun beams at the sharpest frequency. In short, the currents that come out of blue eyes have a much shorter frequency. If you take a close look at the image that we have provided below, you will notice that the color blue splits the sun beams in x-ray and gamma-ray magnitudes - or, in other words, in the most dangerous frequencies.